Akarshan Skin Laser and Hair Clinic

Akarshan Skin & Hair Clinic is a vision and dream of years of experience and learning in the amazing field of aesthetics dermatology in Nepal. To provide world-class and quality service and be equipped with the latest laser equipment we will look into all your skin and hair problems and solve them with delight.

With the help of the best laser machines and techniques as our name implies we will try our best to make you look more attractive in every way possible. Situated in the prime location of Minbhawan and equipped with the best machine, we are pleased to serve you in the field of aesthetics dermatology.
“Beauty with science” with our motto we are pleased to serve you. Making people beautiful with the help of knowledge of dermatology and technology is our main objective.

Akarshan with our team of experienced hair transplant surgeons and staff provides both FUE and DHT methods of hair transplantation with excellence and care.