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Trademark validity in India is crucial for safeguarding a business's identity and ensuring its distinctiveness in the market. A registered trademark provides legal protection against unauthorized use, imitation, or infringement... Read More

Know 7 different types of Trademarks and NICE classification

Trademarks are vital in distinguishing products and services in the marketplace, and they come in various forms, including word marks, design marks, sound marks, color marks, motion marks, hologram marks,... Read More

Step by step Trademark Registration Process in India

First, conduct a trademark search to ensure the desired mark is unique and not already in use. Next, file a trademark application with the Trademark Registrar, including all required details... Read More

Trademark Renewal: Also know how to restore the trademark

Trademark renewal is the process by which the owner of a registered trademark extends its legal protection beyond the initial registration period. Typically, trademarks need to be renewed every few... Read More

Trademark Registration Online: Secure and protect your brand

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A trademark is a symbol, word, or phrase legally established to represent a company or product, offering some protection under common law. A registered trademark, designated by the ® symbol,... Read More

Trademark Registration, a legal safeguard for distinctive symbols, names, and logos linked to products or services, is supervised by India’s Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks. The registration process... Read More

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How to perform Trademark Search in India (2024)

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