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Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth | ICPA Health Products Ltd.

Introducing ICPA Thermoseal Repair 50 gm—toothpaste for Sensitive teeth. RA Thermoseal Rapid Action Fresh Mint Toothpaste is a rapid-action toothpaste that helps prevent cavity and tooth decay while reducing teeth... Read More

Pyosan Glycerine Mouth Paint | ICPA Health

Pyosan Gum Paint is a glycerine mouth gel that contains antiseptic and tanning agents. It is used topically to treat severe bacterial infections and inflammatory conditions affecting the gums. The... Read More

Improving Oral Health & Life Quality in Cancer Patients – ICPA

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can inflict mouth sores and affect the salivary glands and the health of teeth and gums. Cavities, broken or chipped teeth, improperly installed crowns or fillings,... Read More