Connubia – Italian Garden Furniture

Connubia is the young and modern brand of the Calligaris Group. She is inspired by the new concept #connubity, which embodies her spirit and the idea of creating a new community of people with a passion for fresh and dynamic design!
With the #connubity campaign, Connubia encourages young entrepreneurs and designers to join this project and be more #creative, #enterprising and #daring and share their ideas with the virtual community.

Connubia – a story of passions and relationships.
A concept that can be deduced from the name, Connubia. It associates with meetings and passions, connections and affinities. A logo that, in its simplicity, brings us back to the concept of conviviality: three chairs around a table, the most immediate and concise representation of the meeting, of the moment we are together.
Sitting next to each other around a table, sharing emotions, friendships and new acquaintances are born. Connubia puts them at the center of its inspiration to offer modern and smart furniture that suits both the curious young people and the more advanced youth who never lose the joy of life and the desire to feel fashionable!