Echha Joshi is a clinical nutritionist & a wellness expert.

Echha Joshi is a clinical nutritionist & a wellness expert. Her passion for nutrition stems from a desire to help people live a pain-free life absent of chronic illnesses. Guided by scientific, evidenced-based nutrition therapy and powerful yoga practices, Echha helps her clients manage common diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Heart and kidney disorders & Arthritis. She believes, with the right knowledge and an optimistic approach, leading a healthy life can be quite simple. She invites you to break out of old, unhealthy habits and develop a positive relationship with your body in her expert guidance. Hi, I’m Echha Joshi and i’d love to tell you a little about my life.My journey has been similar to a lot of women out there. I got married young, gave birth to my three daughters and raised them while i was working to build a better life for my family. The rigours of raising a family and managing my work made me neglect my health completely and I faced problems like weight gain, slipped disc and depression. That’s not all though, I developed ovarian cysts that had to be removed surgically at a point in my life.I was stressed, I hated how I looked and my body had become a host to multiple diseases. I consulted with various health professionals, doctors and dieticians to find a solution but I was left tired and frustrated. If I really think about it, no one really told me why my body was working against me, no one helped me understand what is going on with me. They would slap me with a mix of pills and generic diet plans that further lowered my self-esteem.