Evan Spiegel Unveils Future of AR and AI Integration at Snap Inc’s APAC AR Day

At the recent APAC AR Day hosted in Mumbai, Snap Inc’s CEO Evan Spiegel shared insights into the future of augmented reality (AR) and its intersection with AI technology. He expressed that AI is revolutionizing the creative process by eliminating the time-consuming production of 3D assets, paving the way for more dynamic AR experiences. Spiegel teased upcoming innovations, particularly in immersive Lenses that leverage large language models (LLMs), while keeping the full details under wraps for the anticipated Lens Fest 2023.

Snap Inc, a leading tech player from the US, spotlighted AR advancements and the burgeoning creator ecosystem at their APAC AR Day. Spiegel, who graced the event, spoke on how AI is set to diminish creation barriers for 3D content, hinting at Snap’s investments in this area for enhancing AR lenses. The CEO’s vision for chatbots and their integration with AI for image and video creation was also a key discussion point, emphasizing AI’s potential in enhancing self-expression and creativity through Snap’s camera technology and AR tools.

Ajit Mohan, Snap’s APAC president, engaged Spiegel in a discussion about the forward march of chatbots, the evolution of AR, and Snap’s role in this rapidly innovating landscape. Spiegel credited the community’s collective problem-solving as the driving force behind Snap’s creative innovations, like Snapchat and its user-friendly map feature. Looking ahead, Spiegel envisions AR extending from smartphones to spectacles, merging digital computing with the tangible world to enrich real-life interactions.

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For those eagerly waiting, Lens Fest, set for November 9, promises to be a congregation of creativity, where global creators can engage with AR technology.