Everyone will get equal pay in Tata 's company

New Delhi . Information about giving double salary along with equal salary to everyone in Tata's TCS companyare getting. However, tech giants across the globe are going through a tough time as many have announced massive layoffs to cut costs. While Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) not only continued hiring employees in these challenging times. The company has also worked towards reducing pay disparity among its employees. Pay disparity between junior and senior employees in a company is quite common. But TCS wants to end this problem. Chief Human Resource Officer, TCS Milind Lakkar said during an interview that the company is preparing to provide an opportunity to upskill its employees and double their salary. He said that the industry is coming out due to the effect of Corona epidemic. That's why the demand for good talent has increased very fast. To attract talent, companies are offering double or triple salary.