How to Fix Nuance Dragon Error 174 | 6 Simple Steps [2023]

6 Simple Steps To Fix Nuance Dragon Error 174
For resolving Nuance Dragon Error 174, follow the steps as follows
1. Check your microphone: You need to, first of all, look for the microphone. Just, you have to simply look for whether the microphone has been plugged in or not. Also, you can simply test it by using it with another program, for instance, you can look for do it on Skype or other programs.
2. Restart your computer: After doing so, you need to simply restart your device. Also, you should clear the temporary files and keep refreshing your computer.
3. Reinstall Dragon NaturallySpeaking: You can also reinstall Dragon Naturally Speaking; just try to uninstall it and then have to reinstall it on your respective device.
4. Check for updates: You have to instantly look for updates; for doing so, you need to instantly check for updates.
5. Make sure the software is compatible with your system: After that, you need to check whether the software is compatible with your device or not.
6. Check for conflicts with other programs: Finally, you are recommended to look for the conflicts if there are some conflicts with another program or not. If yes, then try to resolve such troubles quickly by reaching a professional.