Kumudini Women's Medical College,

Kumudini Women's Medical College, established in 1943, is dedicated to providing medical education exclusively for women. The college plays a significant role in promoting medical qualifications among female students. The institution boasts a hospital building with 850 beds and offers essential facilities such as an auditorium, library, dental unit, canteen, and five multi-storied hostel buildings for students and faculty members.

The MBBS degree program at Kumudini Women's Medical College is accredited by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Various departments including anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, community medicine, and toxicology conduct both theoretical and practical classes for students. Additionally, the college encourages students to participate in theatre, sports activities, and other creative endeavors to enhance their talents and boost self-confidence.

Kumudini Women’s Medical College is ranked 13590th worldwide among universities and holds the 82nd position in Bangladesh. With the Ministry of Health allocating 50% of seats for foreign students, individuals interested in obtaining an MBBS degree from Kumudini Women’s Medical College can enroll in this esteemed public medical institution.