Kutaisi University Faculty of Medicine

Established in 1991, Kutaisi University (KU) recently launched its medicine program in 2021. The Faculty of Medicine at Kutaisi University is committed to providing students with both theoretical knowledge and practical clinical skills that adhere to international standards. The faculty is staffed with patient-centered physicians dedicated to training competent scholars.

The Kutaisi Institute of Medicine prioritizes student-centered teaching methodologies to enhance the personal and professional development of each student. With a team of over 500 trained professionals, including invited faculty, Kutaisi University ensures a high-quality learning experience.

Life at Kutaisi in Georgia
Situated in Kutaisi, Georgia, the Kutaisi University Faculty of Medicine experiences varying weather patterns throughout the year. January marks the coldest month, while from May to August, the weather remains warm. Spring and autumn seasons are characterized by cloudy and rainy weather due to surrounding mountains. Winters are prolonged and freezing, which may be a concern for students accustomed to tropical climates.

Medicine Program at Kutaisi University Faculty of Medicine
Recognizing the importance of appropriate material and technical resources, Kutaisi Medical University ensures that the MD program's learning outcomes are met effectively. The MBBS program offered by Kutaisi University Faculty of Medicine is accredited by Georgia legislation and adheres to World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) standards. The six-year Medical Doctor (MD) program is conducted in English and is accredited.

In terms of rankings, Kutaisi University Faculty of Medicine holds the 37th position in Georgia in country rankings, while its global ranking stands at 10766th among over 40,000 universities worldwide.