Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy

Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy (KSMA) is a public university situated in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Initially established in 1939 as the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute, it was later renamed in 1992 in honor of the renowned Kyrgyz physician and scientist, Akhunbay Sultanaliev. KSMA stands as one of the largest medical universities in Kyrgyzstan, boasting an enrollment of over 5,000 students. The university provides a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs, including MBBS, MD, PhD, and residency programs.

Key Details of Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy:
– Name: Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy
– Tuition Fees: Rs. 2.55 Lakhs per year
– Duration: 5 Years of academic study followed by a 2-year clinical internship
– Application Deadline: September 2023
– NMC Status: Approved (Refer to the List of NMC Approved Universities)

Faculty Offerings at Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy:
1. Faculty of General Medicine
2. Faculty of Dentistry
3. Faculty of Pharmacy
4. Faculty of Preventive Medicine
5. Faculty of Postgraduate Education

Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy provides comprehensive medical education and training across various specialties, making it a sought-after destination for aspiring medical professionals.