Leopard entered the village, hunted the calf

Bhopal . Due to the activism of leopard in the forests of Satwas area of ​​Dewas district of the state, there is fear among the villagers. Last day the leopard killed a calf and injured a cow as well. The number of leopards is increasing rapidly in the forest adjacent to the village. In the coming days, the people grazing cows in the forests and sometimes the villagers are seeing leopards while walking on the road. These days there is an atmosphere of fear regarding leopard in beat number 326-327-328 of village Panpat, located at a distance of about 12 kilometers from Satwas area. Two days back the calf that had gone to graze in the forest was hunted by the leopard. Whereas last night the leopard entered the village. A cow tied in the verandah of a farmer was also injured. When the farmer got up on the cry of the cow, the leopard ran away. Due to the fear of leopard, people are not coming out of the house in the evening. They are not even going to the forests. The Forest Department has not yet taken any specific steps regarding the movement of the leopard. ranger forest Department Satwas Vidhi Sirolia has said that by sending the team, they will inform everyone that no one should go to the forest by beating the stick in the village. Deputy Ranger Forest Department Satwas Subhash Kolte has said that we have made a case after reaching the spot after getting the information, in which the concerned will be given compensation from the government. The villagers say that after a few days the collection of Tendupatta is going to start, in such a situation How will the villagers go to the forest to pluck leaves in this panic-ridden environment of leopards.