Nokia Sues Amazon and HP for Patent Infringement, Seeks Compensation

Nokia Sues Amazon and HP
Nokia claims that Amazon and HP violated its patents by using its video-related technologies illegally in their products and services, and it has filed a lawsuit against both businesses to recover damages.

The illegal use of Nokia’s video-related technologies in Amazon’s streaming services and devices has prompted legal action against the company, according to a blog post by Arvin Patel, Chief Licensing Officer, New Segments at Nokia.

Legal actions against Amazon have been brought before the European Unified Patent Court, the US, Germany, India, and the UK.


“Amazon Prime Video and Amazon’s electronic contraptions misuse a couple of Nokia’s media licenses that cover various developments, for instance, fulfilled movement, video pressure, hardware related perspectives, and content idea,” Patel communicated late on Tuesday.

In a separate lawsuit against HP, Nokia accused the company of “unauthorized use of Nokia’s patented video-related technologies in their devices.”

Nokia’s Strong Stand on Patent Enforcement
Just six legal actions have been initiated by Nokia since 2017, compared to the over 250 licenses that have been completed or extended, including friendly agreements with Apple and Samsung.

“We have had discussions with both Amazon and HP for different years, but when an association chooses not to keep the guidelines that others consent and respect, once in a while the main choice is to make a legitimate move against them.

Nokia has spent around 140 billion euros (and over 4.5 billion euros somewhat recently) on innovative work (Research and development) for state of the art advancements, like sight and sound and cell, beginning around 2000.

Subsequently, Patel expressed, “it is no embellishment to say that whole ventures are controlled by these developments.We hold one of the strongest patent portfolios of connectivity and multimedia technologies in the world.”

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