Odia Puja Book Sudasa Brata

In Odisha, a special rite known as Sudasha Brata or Sudasa Vrata is practised. Sudasha Brata is celebrated when the uncommon occurrences of Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of the moon), Thursday, and Dashami coincide. Goddess Lakshmi is honoured in Sudasa Brata.For the welfare of the family, women primarily follow Sudasha Brata. Women tie a sacred thread to their hands as part of the primary ritual.The next Sudasa Vrata is the only time the string is changed.

The holy days of Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of the moon), Thursday, and Dasami are when married women in Odisha celebrate Sudasha Brata. The married women of the households observe a full-day fast and offer prayers to the goddess Laxmi, the personification of prosperity, on this day.

The most significant component of the ceremony is the sacred thread, or brata. The brata is tied to the right arm of the women after being immersed in the ceremonial turmeric water. Ten knots are tied on the thread before tying the brata while chanting the ten various names of the goddess Lakshmi. The sacred brata must be kept tied on the women's right arm until the following Sudasha Brata as part of the ceremony. Then a fresh brat is added in its spot.

Ten flowers, ten manda pithas, ten chenna bhog, ten dubas, and as many rice kernels and gooseberry (bara koli) leaves as possible are presented to Goddess Lakshmi. Early in the morning, combine mashed chenna with shredded banana, coconut, and jaggery made into ten balls is offered to the goddess, ten manda pithas in the noon and panaa bhog before dusk.