Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow

MBBS in Russia at National Research Medical University

National Research Medical University in Russia presents an excellent opportunity for students seeking to pursue MBBS from MCI-approved medical colleges or universities in Russia. Among these institutions, the top-ranked university with the highest WHO grade is Russia National Research Medical University, formerly known as Russia State Medical University (RSMU). It stands out as one of the premier but also more costly options for MBBS studies in Russia.

Located in the vibrant capital city of Moscow, National Research Medical University offers a rich learning experience for students undertaking MBBS in Russia. Moscow, with its grandeur and historical significance as a former superpower, provides a captivating backdrop for academic pursuits. The city's sizable population of 12 million ensures a diverse and dynamic environment.

Affiliated with major government hospitals, National Research Medical University facilitates invaluable practical training during internships, enhancing students' clinical skills. The university has earned an AA++ grade from WHO, signifying exceptional infrastructure, extensive library resources, high-quality teaching, substantial patient influx, and a distinguished faculty of over 1,900 medical professors with a century-long legacy of teaching over 100 different subjects on campus.

Specializing in Therapeutic, Pediatric, and Microbiology fields for postgraduate studies, National Research Medical University is a top choice for aspiring medical professionals seeking comprehensive education and practical training in Russia.