Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Rent in Bihar

One of the most powerful, lightest and quietest concentrators available here!
Its groundbreaking size and battery life have never been seen before at such a high oxygen dose, and it is establishing the benchmark for portable oxygen concentrators. Protable Oxygen Concentrator is now available for rent in Bihar, so act quickly!!

New Features: Standard 13 hours of battery backup (at setting 1).

(*) Car and Wall Charger.

(*) Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap.

(*) Only 4.7 lbs weight.

(*) No Cart or Tank required.

(*) At setting 5, total oxygen output is 1050 l/min, which is the highest on the market.

(*) 10.22 Hours on pulse Dose at a setting of 2 with double battery-16 cell included!

(*) FAA approved for airlines, train and cruise ship.