Wipro Sets New Office Work Policy: Employees to Report Thrice Weekly Starting Nov 15

Wipro to Implement New Office Attendance Policy
Wipro has followed competitors TCS and Infosys in limiting the amount of time workers can spend working from home, a practice that was commonplace following the Covid epidemic three years ago.

Starting on November 15, employees overall of the fourth-biggest IT service co-op in the country are expected to work three days seven days in the workplace.

While Infosys has commanded that specific employees work 10 days out of each month, TCS has taught its workers to answer to work five days every week.

Furthermore, employees at HCL Tech are expected to answer to work three days per week.

This suggests that technology companies might eventually phase out their hybrid work policies, if not completely for all staff members, then at least for a portion of them.


N.R. Narayana Murthy, a co-founder of Infosys, recently courted controversy by pushing youthful Indians to place in 70 hours every seven day stretch of work for the country’s turn of events.

On November 6, Saurabh Govil, the president and boss HR official of Wipro, sent an email requiring all staff individuals to answer to their “relegated office” for at least three days of the week.

All the more altogether, it said that laborers who neglect to go to work might be focused.The communication was vague about the punitive measures, and when questioned, Wipro’s spokeswoman remained silent.

The email further stated that the corporation will tailor in-country adoption in accordance with local agreements and legislation because it is a worldwide organization.

Wipro’s Shift to Office Work and Profit Report
The email stated that it might be required to consult with employee organizations in various European nations.

According to a Reuters story, Wipro, which had 244,707 workers as of September 30, 2023, has been pushing staff members to work three times a week from the office since May. At the moment, roughly 55% of its employees work from the office.