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Roasted Nuts, Healthy Seeds & Spices (Bulk)​

JeevanTantra is here to add Spice & aroma to your life. Spices & Dry Fruits form a separate vertical at JeevanTantra. The increasingly rapid pace of life in our society... Read More

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Takis is dangerous for health?

Takis are also high in fat and calories. People who are not used to eating spicy foods. Takis is no less of a threat to them. Because Chilli in... Read More

Sigdi Restaurant | Delicious and tasty | Mira road.

A warm welcome to SIGDI Restaurant Mira Road we serve multi cusine with delicious dishes and great ambience. It is a best restaurant in Mira Road for foody family and... Read More

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Best custom cakes in Dubai | Sweet Dish

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Takeaway Restaurant In Alhambra

Get best Indian food by Mahan Restaurant in Alhambra, CA. Mahan Restaurant is one of the best authentic indian restaurant located in Alhambra, CA. We have a spacious variety of... Read More