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Unique Designer Citrine Jewelry

While styling a Citrine jewelry, you must be aware of its yellow hues, enriching it with the essence of sunshine; this beautiful yellow-orangish hue jewelry perfectly goes with citrine earrings... Read More

The term "petrified" originates from the Greek word petra, meaning stone, reflecting the process of wood turning into stone. Also known as fossilized wood, Agatized wood, and silicified wood, Petrified... Read More

Wearing routinely or modeling for some special occasions, Black Tourmaline jewelry are like gold dust for jewelry lovers and even for spiritualists. The craze for black is also hitting the... Read More

The hue of a pearl can be interpreted in several ways. Black pearls represent experience and wisdom, whereas white pearls represent innocence and purity. Blue pearls represent calm and tranquillity,... Read More

Whether it is a traditional ceremony or you are going on a date, an Amethyst Jewelry will be your best companion. There should be absolutely no problem if you want... Read More

Wearing Neon Apatite Jewelry promotes the manifestation of ideas into reality and facilitates achieving tangible results. Traditionally linked with humanitarian efforts and teaching, this stone is associated with the Third-Eye... Read More

In contrast to black onyx, a kind of cryptocrystalline quartz, black agate often has a waxy shine and is translucent. Black Agate Jewelry is mined from volcanic ash and comes... Read More

However, it is wrong to just dedicate one single day to Mothers because for that a whole life can fall short too. But still, it is a great way to... Read More

These days Gemstone Jewelry is trending a lot and there are multiple reasons for that too. Gemstones are not just getting popular just because they are very Fashionable and Glamorous.... Read More

Ruled by the celestial body Venus and Shukra, Opal comes in three main types: Precious Opal, Common Opal, and Fire Opal. Symbolising beauty, charm, elegance, and greatness, Opal aids the... Read More